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With a rich heritage in manufacturing and supporting personal electric vehicles for over 25 years, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products that meet all the needs of our customers. From foldable, compact pavement scooters, to 8 mile per hour road going workhorses, and now even e-Bikes - Freerider has become synonymous with reliability and confidence.

We take pride in our professional journey and core values, which include a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. At Freerider Luggie UK, our very first vehicle to hit the market, way back in 1995, was born out of love. We have applied that same love and passion to every single vehicle to leave our factory since. 


Explore our range of products and experience the freedom and convenience they provide.


Join us on this exciting journey and enhance your mobility with Freerider.


unparalleled luxury. 


experience freedom again.

EM1 & EC1


go further than ever before.

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