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Class 2

4mph / 6.4kmh

Red / Blue

The Mayfair is mid-sized, but appeals to many thanks to its easy driving style on pavements, pathways and through passages. Shorter, lighter and steadier than their on-the-road cousins, class 2 scooters such as the Mayfair are no less pleasurable to drive. Easy handling means 4mph is all the speed you need.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because of its compact turning circle. Having a comfortable seat along with easy to operate thumb controls, make for a safe and comfortable driving position.

Four wheeled, strong, reliable construction.

With a safe carrying capacity of up to 21st / 132kg, the Mayfair may be slight but still packs might! The sliding adjustment feature of the captains seat gives anyone a great driving position.

Front and rear lights, including indicators ensures you can drive safely at night or on those dark winter afternoons, clearly letting other pavement users know where you are.

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