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Mini Ranger

Class 2

4mph / 6.4kmh


The Mini Ranger is a very comfortable, affordable scooter that is easily disassembled to be put into the boot of a car. The most compact scooter in our FreeRider range, will give you your mobility wherever the path leads!

Whether stored in your garage, shed or even in the boot of your car, the Mini Ranger folds away in moments, and is just as easy to re-assemble again whenever you're ready to go.

Fully assembled, weighing only 50kg, the Mini Ranger is capable of carrying up-to 18st. and still able to achieve the top speed of 4mph for a class 2 mobility scooter!

A great way to get moving, many customers see our Mini Ranger as the ideal starter model, helping people manage days out again without the fear of having to walk too far... Simple controls and affordable pricing, get users off to a great start.

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