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Mini Ranger Plus

Class 2

4mph / 6.4kmh


The Mini Ranger Plus is an upgrade on the Mini Ranger, with extra features, improved for your comfort and reliability. Fingertip controls with our comfy, foam grip delta bar to assist you negotiate through busy shopping centres and highstreets.

Whether stored in your garage, shed or even in the boot of your car, the Mini Ranger Plus folds away to only 5 pieces in moments, and is just as easy to re-assemble again whenever you're ready to go.

A wider rear end and larger, 8.5" rear wheels boast improved stability, allowing the user to tackle those tricky, uneven pavements with ease. With an upgraded, portable battery pack to take you that little bit further on your unexpected journeys. More upgrades such as additional legroom, bigger batteries and a powerful 320-watt motor pushes the carrying capacity up-to 136kg!

A great way to get moving, many customers see our Mini Ranger Plus one of our ideal starter models, helping people manage days out again without the fear of having to walk too far... Comfortable controls and improvements on our Mini Ranger, giving you that extra reliability and peace of mind.

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