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With our extensive range of powered mobility scooters, we're focused on you maintaining your independence and freedom. Dedicated to safety, reliability and ease of use, you can count on your FreeRider mobility scooter to get you there!

We aim to provide the best customer experience possible, with a wide selection of options to choose from and excellent after-sales service via our reputable dealer network - no matter your mobility needs, you can count on Freerider Luggie UK to help you stay on the move.

Mini Ranger Plus Exploded

Our most portable models given you the freedom to go wherever the road takes you! Easily breaking down to go in the boot of your car.

Designed for more substantial use, our class 2's are mid-sized with an increased range and higher capacity than our more compact scooters. For use on the pavement only.

Mayfair Evolution Blue Side

For heavy duty, daily use, capable of carrying even larger weights over longer distances. Road-legal, alleviating the need for further transport, predominantly for use on the roads.

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